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The Fancy Rat's ancestor is the Brown Rat, also known as the sewer rat (Rattus norvegicus) which can be seen in the wild. Bred in captivity in sterile conditions in laboratories has resulted in a disease free and friendly pet that today is referred to as the Fancy Rat.

Males are larger and plumper than females, with full-grown males males being approximately 20-25cm from nose to the base of the tail and females being 16-18cm in length. The head is pointed and the tail is hairless.

The rat is a sociable pet appreciating the company of others. Rats are nocturnal becoming more active in the evenings and during the night. Rats are intelligent and affectionate making them extremely good pets.

The average lifespan of a rat is 2-2½ years although they can live longer and up to 3-4 years has been known.

History Of Rats

The domestication history of rats.

Scientific Classification Of Rats

The scientific classification of pet rats within the Mammalia class.

Anatomy Of Rats

Biological facts about pet rats.

Behaviour Of Rats

Rat behaviour and communication.

Rats As Pets

Information on why rats are a popular pet and the type of owner a rat would suit.

Rat Colours

Information about the colours of pet rats.

Rat Coat Patterns

Information about the coat patterns of the pet rat.

Rat Coat Types

Information about the coat types of the pet rat.

Rat Physical Mutations

Information about the physical mutations of the pet rat.

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