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Rats As Pets

Rats make ideal pets for young and old alike although young children will require supervision and help in caring for a pet rat. Rats are ideal for those at work or school during the day as they are nocturnal, sleeping during the day and waking in the evening.

Their intelligence and tameness, their ease of care and the wide range of coat types, colours and varieties make them a popular pet in many countries today.

Apart from the initial expense of the cage and equipment rats are cheap to keep and require relatively little care. However, as with any pet, keeping a rat requires commitment to caring for it whilst it is with you, including veterinary treatment if it becomes ill.

They take up little room only requiring a cage in which to be kept and so are ideal for those living in apartments for small houses.

Rats are socialable and therefore prefer the company of another rat and so rats are best kept in pairs or small groups.

Rats are clean, highly intelligent and form a close bond with their owners. Their high intelligence means that rats require daily stimulation to prevent them becoming bored and depressed and so it important that rats are given time out of their cage to play, explore or interact with their owner on a daily basis. Rats can also be taught to perform a variety of tricks.

Male rats (bucks) tend to be more laid back and lazy, with female rats (does) being more active and quick moving but both sexes are equally tame and make good pets.

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